In the 1980's, Minneapolis physician Dr. Richard L. Reece wrote and published a series of essays collectively titled "The Corporate Transformation of Medicine in Minnesota". In these essays, Dr. Reece discussed the struggle going on for control of healthcare, pointing out that "The struggle is mainly between the management of corporations and physicians. It is mainly a struggle for power..." With the passiage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, Dr. Reece's writings are seemingly prophetic. 

These 26 essays have been collected, with updated prefaces and additions in "And Who Shall Care For The Sick?" -- a book of criticical importance to physicians, educators, and public policymakers -- to all who are concerned about the sick and the future of health care in America. Relevant and useful insights even three decades after their first publication! 

278 pages, Paperback

​By Richard L. Reece, MD


Publisher Truth In Narrative

And Who Shall Care For The Sick?

The Corporate Transformation of Medicine in Minnesota