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The life of Harold D. Kletschka, M.D., Father of the Artificial Heart

To Change the Heart of Man tells the story of how the human race lost out on a life-saving device--a permanent, totally implantable artificial heart. The world was forever affected by Harold Kletschka, a man whose devout life of personal faith, insatiable curiosity, disciplined education and dedication will continue to impact the lives of countless millions of people.

Dr. Harold Kletschka focused his considerable intellectual capacity and curiosity on the natural and supernatural realities he encountered from the moment he emerged form his mother's womb until the very moment of his passing. He encountered the horrible and the wondrous thoughtfully, prayerfully, with great discipline and acuity. He forever changed the process of collaborative invention and cardiovascular treatment. This is his story. What the world has gained and lost by his life will never fully be known but it has most definitely been changed by the man who longed to change the defects in the heart of man.

Editor's note:

Dave began writing this book in November, 2000. A series of events, many quite positive interfered with its completion. When Dr. Kletschka died on March 6, 2004, the project stalled out and seemed at a dead-end. Fortunately, with the commitment of his sister, Barbara Kletschka, this work got back on-track,  and was finally released on July 1, 2009.

By Dave Racer


​484 pages, Hardcover

To Change The Heart of Man