Publisher Truth In Narrative

"So what'll you do if Archie and I get married?" Bobby asked. Bobby Clymer. Gay? Incredible.

The question shocked and rocked State Senator Alan Clymer, Bobby's dad. Everyone knew Sen. Clymer as the resident hard core conservative in Minnesota's State Senate. An outspoken opponent of gay marriage, Sen. Clymer and his wife Molly loved Bobby, but this gay lifestyle - no, it shook up their world.

This is the story of strong, emotional politics. Political forces trying to impose their view of marriage and adult relationships on each other. Throw into this the Clymer's well known Christian faith, and unwillingness to compromise their beliefs and you have the perfect storm.

The ending will shock you. See what caused these two unshakable forces to come together in love and peace, even as Bobby slipped into eternity.


The Senator's Son

By Gale Davids

​238 pages (estimated), ebook