Less than two dozen copies remain. Dave Racer's first book, Smokie's Last Job tells the story of backroom, sometimes strange, but always interesting Minnesota politics.

Smokie is a semi-fictional character, a lifelong Democrat and trade union member. Smokie changed his voting preferences because of Ronald Reagan, and then began to ponder how Minnesota became so liberal- or socialist.

The stories and documents in this book had never before seen the light of day. Much of it pointed at Gov. Rudy Perpich, the former dentist who grew up on Minnesota's Iron Range. At one time, Smokie's Last Job enjoyed the status of being the best-selling ever regional book on the Iron Range.

Smokie's Last Job


Publisher Truth In Narrative


By Dave Racer

244 pages, Paperback

Camp Keyes

By Dave Racer

48 pages, Paperback

Ambassador Alan Keyes, PhD, ran for President of the United States in 1996. Keyes, a handsome and dignifies black man was the first black man to run for president as a Republican.

S when WSB-TV barred him from a presidential candidate debate to which he had previously been invited, some suspected racism. Keyes went to Atlanta the night prior to the debate and, along with dozens of other protesters, slept overnight on the TV station's lawn. Keyes' quarters were a tiny pup tent.

Sunday he showed up for the debate, but a burly white security guard pulled him from the building. The actions leading up to and following this event were filled with social and racial overtones.

Dave Racer served as the National Campaign Manager for Keyes in 1996. He describes in this booklet that bizarre event in Atlanta that sparked a Sean Hannity comment - "WSB-TV now means 'we shackle blacks.'"

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