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New Dawn Book

Publisher Truth In Narrative

A New Dawn on the Horizon of Health Care:

Hope for Health Insurance Reform

By Dave Westbrock, MD, FACE

208 pages - Hardcover - Retail: $29.95

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How has this worked out? “Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize any federal officer or employee to exercise supervision or control over the practice of medicine…..”  Medicare Act of 1965

Soon after we saw how the RBRVS pricing system for Medicare is an example of the “sovietization” of American medicine.  It is not only socialist but did not save the government money as intended.

We have answers. Costs can be reduced and stabilized by transparency in pricing, choice of physician and hospital (where it exists), and making sure the patient has control of his or her health care.

Evidence exists that a doctor who does not follow guidelines (cookbook medicine) faces legal liability whether or not it applies to a 
particular patient.  Doctors are not trained to be robots.

Hospitals are now run as giant corporations, continually building new facilities and paying huge bonuses to executive staff.

The doctor’s insights from more than 40 years of practice.
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