Wayne Holstad is a welcome guide through the murky waters of constitutional government, and the assaults on it by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This book's scope is vast. As others have done, Holstad's basic thesis is that Americans have forgotten that the principles of liberty are based on Christianity. But, Holstad shows how the courts' assault on those theses have developed and undermined liberty. More so, how critical it is to reestablish the Christian basis of law if we are to remain a free people.

We will either be governed by Leviathan as expressed in the expanding powers of the U.S. Supreme Court, or we will choose Leviticus - the Law as expressed through Christian doctrine.

"This book ought to be required reading for all law students, lawyers, judges...and anyone else who wonders how we got into the mess we're in and how we might get out."
Francis Manion, American Center for Law and Justice.


Leviticus v. Leviathan: Choosing our Sovereign


By Wayne Holstad, JD. Edited by Dave Racer

Publisher Truth In Narrative

284 pages, Hardcover