God's Word is vibrant, the source of Truth, teaching us how to live transparently in a world set against its principles. Two Weeks That Will Last Forever shows how eternal Biblical truths are lived out in the lives of men and women in their life's struggles. 


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​Release date: 1996

Publisher Truth In Narrative

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Release date: 2014

This book is a resource for the boys and men in your life, the future great men of renown, the ones who are determined to live the life for which they were created - a life of Great Purpose.

Wrongfully incarcerated for life for a crime he did not commit, Pastor Tom Bird knew that to survive, he needed to rely on the power of God's Holy Spirit. This book chronicles the exchange of letters between Pastor Bird and Pastor Ken Kothe that served as inspiration to both men. Dave Racer then ties these letters together with inspirational meditations that will serve to bring hope and encouragement to all people of faith.