Health Reform: The End of the American Revolution?

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​By Lee Kurisko MD

Publisher Truth In Narrative

​256 pages, Hardcover

​​Lee Kurisko grew up in Canada where he became a doctor. Then, the Chief of Radiology at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital. Frustrated by Canada's government-run health care and its constant shortages and long lines, and worse, its deadly effects on individual health, Kurisko reluctantly moved to the United States.

After settling in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, Kurisko found that the United States system of paying for and providing health care offered patients the greatest opportunity in the world to receive life-saving and life-changing health care. Now he fights to protect this system from those who would replace liberty with government control.

In this book, you will glean insights into the heart and mind of a man with experience on both sides of the border. Kurisko sees that U.S. politicians and academicians have led us in the wrong direction, a direction that will reduce the quality of and access to health care, and result in a loss of liberty.

About the author:

Born and raised in Canada, Dr. Lee Kurisko moved to the United States in 2001.

Before beginning his career as a Diagnostic Radiologist, Kurisko spent three years as a family practice and emergency room physician. While in Canada, Kurisko served as the Medical Director of Diagnostics Imaging for Thunder Bay Regional Hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

He is currently a partner with Consulting Radiologists Ltd in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he sits on the Board of Directors.