Finally, a practicing physician critiques the Affordable Care Act, its purposes, successes and shortcomings. Dr. George knows that had Congress asked physicians about how to reform healthcare, the doctors would have been glad to lending a healing hand. Now she offers in this marvelous 192-page, hardcover book, a must read for everyone who cares about their health. 

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​Release Date: 2010

Congress and the President said that health care threatens our federal budget, and they were right. But they were wrong in how to solve the problem. They wanted to increase government spending.

Now, you can help guide them to solutions that will reduce government's role, and increase your own role in deciding the future of health care. And of America.


This affordable, pocket-sized book is a useful and powerful tool for influencing elected officials, employers, as well as the general public. And builds the case for market-based reform.

From the authors of "Your Health Matters"


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​Release date: 2009

​In this best selling book, you will find a simple understanding of U.S. health care, and how you can control it. Tomorrow's health care, when compared to today, can be more exciting, more beneficial, save more lives, reduce more suffering, and can give you more for your health dollar; if you make the right choice.

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Release date​: November 2nd, 2013

Publisher Truth In Narrative

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Here's one physician's view of the political and practice environment for health reform. This book dissects the complex topic of health reform in a straightforward manner -- guaranteed to get your attention.


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​Release date: 2007

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​​The story of how it came about that Minnesota played a major role in one of the most important medical developments in the 20th century. I am speaking about open heart surgery with emphasis on the word “open.” That word is usually glossed over as if all heart surgery is now and always was “open.”

MediCrats goes over the power brokers who have enabled the passage of the

Affordable Care Act in an easy-to-read format, and provides real solutions which can be implemented today which result in extensive cost savings. 


The debate continues on the best way to deliver health care in America. The stakes are high. How we respond will affect the lives of our most vulnerable - aging citizens, those with chronic illness, tiny babies. From the authors of "Your Health Matters"

Diagnostic radiologist Lee Kurisko planned to practice radiology in his Canadian homeland all his life. He abandoned this plan and moved to the United States when he realized its government-controlled health care system made it impossible to deliver timely, quality care. 


Richard L. Reece, MD, describes issues related to physicians and medical facilities moving into direct pay practices. He includes several interviews with physicians who have dropped Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, and all third party payers, and deal directly with patients.


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​A collection of essays written and published in medical journals during the 1980's. Although written three decades ago, the struggle between corporations and physicians continues, with the added burden of government intrusion....

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​Release date: 2012

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​Release date: 2012

We have asked government to diagnose the problem and provide an effective cure. But is government solving our problems or making them worse?​ In this book, Glenn Gruenhagen the USA's health care system woes, and challenges lawmakers to repeal what has become known as "ObamaCare", and replace it with true private sector health care reforms. 

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This book explores 25 key issues that must be addressed if the United States is ever to find new, affordable, effective healthcare for her residents. We must take this broad approach, and not fall back into factions, special interest groups,and political answers.

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Elaina George, MD.

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