Non-partisan, real solutions to the real threats to U.S. health care and our economy.

Congress and the President said that health care threatens our federal budget, and they were right. But they were wrong in how to solve the problem. They wanted to increase government spending.

Now, you can help guide them to solutions that will reduce government's role, and increase your own role in deciding the future of health care. And of America.

This little book will outline:

·        Two redesigned health care systems that provide access to care for everyone, but relies on personal choice.

·        Realistic affordable insurance plans for the 170 million Americans already using private health insurance.

Presidents Reagan and Obama agreed on one powerful point: We the People will ultimately make the decisions in this country. This book will help you, and our elected leaders, do just that.

Book #2 in the Why Health Care Costs So Much series from the authors of Your Health Matters.

​96 pages, Paperback

Why Health Care Costs So Much: Government's Real Role

​By Gregory Dattilo, CEBS & Dave Racer, MLitt

Publisher Truth In Narrative