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The United States is debating the best way to deliver health care in America. The stakes are high. How we respond will affect the lives of our most vulnerable - aging citizens, those with chronic illness, tiny babies. 

Our economic future, too, is at risk, because health care costs are soaring. How can we afford all the health care we desire without breaking the bank, or denying care to those who need it the most?

How we answer these questions about the best way to reform the U.S. health care system is a critical debate. We have to get this right. If we use the wrong data, or ask the wrong questions, we’ll get the wrong answers: So we fact-checked the reformers. You’ll be surprised to read the facts about much of what you’ve been hearing.

- From the authors of "Your Health Matters: What You Need to Know About US Health Care"


64 pages, Paperback


By Greg Dattilo and Dave Racer

Facts Not Fiction: What Really Ails The U.S. Health Care System