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​Your Health Matters

​Lee Kurisko left Canada to practice medicine in the U.S. In this book, he details his Canadian experience, but more importantly, shows how the U.S. is heading toward mediocre care and loss of liberty.

Lee Kurisko, MD - 2009

Health Reform: The End of the American Revolution?

This short book identifies sharply the issues in play in health reform. More so, it offers a list of solutions that do not require a huge federal program. 

​Health Care In Crisis

​Glenn Gruenhagen & Dave Racer - 2012

The Senator's Son

​Gale Davids - 2012

This novel explores the relationship between a conservative leader and his gay son - and politics used against the father. Inspirational and challenging. 

Ralph Weber & Dave Racer -2011

MediCrats are the health care bureaucrats in government and insurance companies that drive up the cost of health care.


​Dave Racer - 2011

If healthcare reformers had asked these questions before passing ObamaCare, we may have gotten it right. Key concerns and three real solutions.

25 Keys to Redesign U.S. Healthcare

​In The Shadow of Joseph: Letters From Prison

​Tom Bird, Ken Kothe & Dave Racer. Forward by Gov. Al Quie - 2004 

Why Health Care Costs So Much: Government's Real Role

Why Health Care Costs So Much - The Solution: Consumers

Just released as an eBook!

The premier book on the U.S. health care system - everything you need to know - that set the debate for health care reform.

​Just released as an eBook!

​Unusual inspirational book written by a wrongfully convicted and imprisoned pastor to another pastor, with meditations by Dave Racer.

​Governments do play a serious role in health care, but not the overwhelming role of ObamaCare. What are the good things governments should be doing?

​Greg Dattilo & Dave Racer - 2010

​Greg Dattilo & Dave Racer - 2008

​There is a way to reduce health care spending: called consumerism. This book is perfect to learn how to do health care consumerism. Easy to read. 

​Greg Dattilo and Dave Racer - 2006