Versace's murderer - Andrew Cunanan - True Story

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Death By Design

Gianni Versace died on the steps of the Versace Mansion on a hot July day in 1997. Andrew Cunanan had stalked him for weeks after fleeing from New Jersey, where he had killed William Reese. Before killing Reese, Cunanan, had killed Lee Miglin in Chicago, David Madson in Rush City, Minnesota, and Jeffrey Trail in Minneapolis. Lee Urness, a member of the Minnesota Fugitive Task Force, on loan from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and FBI agent Kevin Rickett, co-managed the exhausting chase of the jilted gay prostitute turned vicious murderer.

During the 79 days Urness and his team chased Cunanan, hundreds of news reporters chased down the elusive story. It all culminated in a one violent instant, as Cunanan pulled the trigger on himself.

Lee Urness told this story in minute detail to author Dave Racer. It is the only story supported by volumes of police files, and hundreds of hours on onsite interviews and reports with the police officers and FBI agents involved in the chase. Urness wants the world to know how hard law enforcement worked to stop Cunanan, and how elusive the chameleon-like killer was, making the chase incredibly difficult.

This is the only trustworthy, fact-supported telling of this story in its entirely.

By Lee Urness as told to Dave Racer

Publisher Truth In Narrative