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​Caged Bird 

 Rev. Thomas P. Bird and his wife Sandra served Emporia, Kansas' Faith Lutheran Church. On a hot July morning in 1983, Sandy's dead body was found floating in the Cottonwood River.

Lorna Anderson served at Faith Lutheran as the church secretary. She also served as a sex partner to dozens of men. Someone shot her husband Marty dead three months after Sandy's death.

Did the pastor and church secretary conspire to kill their spouses and spend their lives together? Did they expect both of them would end up spending life in prison?

CBS saw the true story as a perfect plot for a soap-opera-like movie, Murder Ordained. The infamous story of Tom Bird and Lorna Anderson aired internationally, but they got it wrong. So did two out of three juries.

​With extreme detail, Dave Racer lays out all of the facts of the case, and lets the reader make his or her decision as to the guilt or innocence of Tom Bird.

736 pages, Paperback

By Dave Racer. Forward by Kenneth P. Kothe