“Politics is dirty.” Why would any self-respecting Christian want to get engaged? And it seems futile.

We watch, stunned by soaring crime rates, drug addiction, and violence. Abortion on demand has taken tens of millions of lives. Traditional marriage has been redefined.

Our national debt is soaring out of sight. Politicians lie without a conscience.

Romans 13, and other passages, provides guidance for Christians and their interaction with government. Our form of government makes us all "kings" in a sense - and God holds kings accountable.

From the introduction --

"I believe we are at a point in history where we must think through how the Scriptures' teachings on vital issues of governance apply to us. Dave Racer, in this book, has done this in a most powerful way." Alan Keyes, Ph.D.

​American Christians And Government

​By Dave Racer MLitt. Introduction by Alan Keyes, PhD

Publisher Truth In Narrative


​84 pages, Paperback