About Alethos Press

Publisher Truth In Narrative

In 2000, Alethos Press released its first book - Caged Bird - which was languishing at a major publishing house. We decided that the release date was  too important to wait on the lawyers and editors. We created Alethos Press - Alethos being a form of the Greek meaning "truth" - as a vehicle to get the book on the market.

After this, we added other books that had previously been published, and created occassional new products. We now feature 24 books.

In 2010, we formed DGRCommunications, Inc. to better serve a broader range of services. Alethos Press is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DGRCommunications, Inc. (a Minnesota corporation).

We publish books written or edited by Dave Racer. We do not solicit books to edit, but authors solicit us. We are happy to consider projects that tell the truth about ideas and issues that make a difference in peoples' lives.

If you want us to consider working with you on your book, please contact our office at 651.705.8583. Or email us with your idea and we will contact you: dgracer @ comcast dot net


Dave Racer, MLitt


DGRCommunications, Inc.