Publisher Truth In Narrative

​64 pages, Paperback

3 Fold Plan: What You Can Do To Save America


​By Mark Skogerboe

Americans rule this land, so says the Constitution. All one has to do is look around, examine the evidence, and see we have lost control to others.

Our schools, government, medical system - nearly every institution - has been overcome by secularism. And it is leading us away from God, and from the ability to survive as a free people. But we can take America back.

In this little book, you will find three practical and powerful methods.     

  • The Patrick Henry List    
  • The Liberty Pledge  
  • Fast Fusion

All that is needed for good to triumph is for God's good people to do His will by doing good. We can, and will, take back America.


About the author:

Mark Skogerboe is a public speaker and host of the "Common Sense Club", heard weekday afternoons across North Dakota and western Minnesota on AM 1100 WZFG. Since the 1990's, Mark Skogerboe has traveled across the country, organizing people at the grass-roots level to advance Godly citizenship, to elect God-fearing candidates, and to work toward the next great Christian revival in the United States. His sense of humor and passion, sewn together with his historical and theologoical knowledge, makes him one of the most entertaining speakers on liberty in the United States