Here's one physician's view of the political and practice environment for health reform. This book dissects the complex topic of health reform in a straightforward manner -- guaranteed to get your attention.

Although clear exits and destinations remain murky, Dr. Reece has managed to create a useful resource and a suprisingly entertaining description of health reform and impact on doctors and physician practices.

Whether you're a doctor, insurer, health planner, government administrator, hospital leader, legislator or patient/consumer, this book is valuable to all players involved in health care reform. 

About the author:

​Richard L. Reece, MD is a pathologist, writer and editor. He has written 11 books on the healthcare system and concentrates on physician mindsets, patient concerns, US culture and our healthcare system's complexities. 


The Health Reform Maze: A Blueprint for Physician Practices

​By Richard L. Reece, MD

Publisher Truth In Narrative

283 Pages, Paperback